Thursday, December 18, 2008


I can honestly say that I don't have a sweet tooth....but when my CHOCOLATE BROWN Ugg Boots came in the mail it all changed for me. I have been addicted to these boots ever since. This brand typically doesn't need to be pushed very hard as it is ULTRA-POPULAR, especially around the holidays. But I wanted to let our readers know the steals and deals that this site has to offer....
(like free shipping ON ANY SALE on all these sites,,,, selling Dansko, Keen, Naot, and Birkenstock on their other sites.) They also always offer 10% off of our Danskos and Naots (such a comfortable sandle)!!
I'm telling you from my own personal love of shoes...THESE UGG BOOTS are my favorite winter shoe. PERIOD. I have worn them out on "date night", to the Panthers game (SO WARM), to knock around the house; nothing easier in the mornings to take Mason to school and stay warm then THESE BOOTS! ....I won't grab another pair. The wool on the inside is SO plush! (100% premium wool fleece wicks moisture away from feet which means WHO needs socks right?)

If your in the market to SPOIL yourself, daughter, husband or any special person on that Christmas list you definitely should head on over to!!!!! I can tell you this, if your getting a better deal somewhere else then there is a high probability the UGGs are in fact fakes. These are genuine UGG Boots from UGG Australia!! These are the same ones that are mentioned every year by Oprah (or almost every year) and are are worn by all those Hollywood stars. There are a lot of pretty sophisticated fakes and other off-brands, but these are the "real deal". UGG goes pretty far to make sure that their products are somewhat price controlled. Watch out for "sales" too. I see a lot of times that people will post something like 35% off on UGGs, then you follow the link and it looks like they are a great deal, until you look at some other sites and see that their "sale" price is actually pretty close to the actual retail price. In most cases they have marked up the MSRP to the point that they look like they are on "sale" but they are actually the same price as everywhere else.
{FYI - all UGG styles except the Ultra I believe are now made in China, so don't let that throw you (the Ultras are made in New Zealand). These are "real" UGGs. Also, sometimes they smell a bit of the dyes but that will wear off after a very short while.}

A Simple Coupon:
The very generous people over at, are giving away free 3 day shipping to make sure people get their UGGs by the holidays. This offer will be good until the 21st (after that you will have to use 2-day or overnight to get them by Christmas, they have also DEEPLY discounted their rates on those shipping methods as well).

Above all else, if anyone has any problems on the website (I believe most do not) please feel free to call the toll-free number and they can help you over the phone. Very much a company out to please!!!


  1. OHHHH...I want some UGGs....these are too cute.

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