Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clutch Ts

When I first saw Clutch Ts Pop Culture Ts I had to shop. The Goonies shirt was an instant must have. (personally I went for the brown) I am a design tshirt addict! (who says when you become a mom you have to trade in the ts for pressed polos?) Not I. I refuse!! I simply cannot bring myself to do it, to get up everyday and put on a khaki pair of pants that are two sizes too big and a shirt that has not fit what so personality. I want my shirt to say that I got up this morning and thought to myself that I don't take myself too serious and that I can still have fun.

Since receiving my Clutch Ts I will say that their new line of T shirts that they've added are for the racier or more flashier moms. . . but there's a shirt in there that I think any logo loving mom will want. Ive found a few that I'm adding to my shopping cart. Note: These are fitted Ts and they are 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton so size up if in doubt!

Buy It: Let your shirt say what your attitude is for the day....Get your own Clutch T now at These shirts are sold in Womens and Mens sizes small to 5 XL! YES 5 XL!!!! (having a hubby that wears a 3 XL this is GREAT to find) especially since they also sell HOODIES and they also go up to a size 5XL. ....and thats starting at only $17.95 for the ts.



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