Monday, January 5, 2009

Cozi - Let's get Organized

It's the beginning of the new year. Time to set goals, make change, and get organized (at least these are my goals)! As our families grow from year to year; our schedules inevitability get busier and more hectic.

Cozi is a FREE (did you hear me, it's FREE) web service that helps busy families manage insane schedules, track the grocery list, devise an errand route, and keep track of the daily in's and outs of the whole crew.

A recent survey conducted by Cozi found that 40% of the over 4,000 households survey admitted to using sticky notes to manage their family activities. I have to sheepishly agree to this, as I always have notes in my coat pockets telling me what I need to buy and where I need to get it.

Cozi takes all the craziness of running a household streamlines it into somthing organized and manageable. I'm not saying you will never be late to picking up your kids from school, you will just know ahead of time your late!

A few things I have been loving about Cozi:

~it can send text messages right to your cell phone. I've been sending my errand list via text and it's really working for me.

~it can sync to your Outlook Calendar. This way, if your a workin' momma you can combine both family and work schedules simply and easily.

~Cozi can send shopping list and schedules to any mobile and everyone in the family has access to the same info. Who said Mom has to do it all, go ahead and delegate!

This year I resolve to simplify my life. I'm trusting in Cozi to help me sort out this crazy busy mess I call my daily schedule.


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