Monday, January 12, 2009

Skin MD Natural

As a teen I began to really develop a bad case of Eczema. At one point I remember the dermatologist putting me in wet long johns with this uncomfortable oily feeling gel that BURNED when applied (actually turned my legs red)... and had to sit with the wet long johns/gel for 2 hours to treat my skin. This treatment DID WORK if done often... but the method and feeling I had to go through to get any results was hard to keep up... It was just terribly uncomfortable and very time consuming.

Skim MD Natural is another option. My skin is still very dry.. My arms if felt feel like they have goosebumps... People often ask if I'm cold in the summer if they catch a glimpse at my arm up close. I have tried every lotion on the market and have been to many dermatologist to find something to bring relief.

Skin MD Natural
may be my answer. I have been using it for a while now and really love it. It has the best feel... It is non greasy... It really just feels great and brings my skin relief almost instantly.

Since our reviews are kept "simple" I would encourage you all who have dry skin to check out the Skin MD Natural website. They have lots of information, reviews and photographs showing what their product can do.

To save you all some time here is a video showcasing a very severe case of Eczema treated with this product.

Buy it: You can purchase your own bottle of Skin MD over at their website. Like the video says this product doesnt work over night.. just keep using it. You will see a difference.


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  1. I recognized that Eczema,I have it.Very scarring and NOT FUN.


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