Saturday, February 14, 2009

Countdown Box - by Norwood Arts

Finding out that I was pregnant was one of the most exciting (and shocking) events of my life. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) from moment that I found out, I started the longest journey in waiting.

Wanting something so bad and having to wait 40 weeks had to be the cruelest joke. But, one of the most exciting part of the wait was collecting all the 'baby gear" that I would need to care for my new one.

A small family owned company called Norwood Arts has found the perfect way to celebrate those last highly anticipated days before the arrival. They've created a brilliant gift called the Countdown Box.

The Countdown Box ($39.99) is one BIG box, with 10 smaller boxes inside. Each smaller box is numbered, and contains a gift for baby. The idea behind the gift is that 10 days before Mom's due date, she gets to open another gift!

I received a box a few weeks ago and am very excited to give it to an expecting friend of mine the next time I see her. I must admit, I peeked in the boxes; each box had something adorably tiny in it. Items ranged from booties, hats, onesies, baby wash, feeding spoon, and pacifier (just to name a few options).

My favorite thing about the countdown box is it can be customized to fit the occasion. Norwood Arts makes 5 unique boxes; ranging from baby boy, baby girl, gender neutral baby, even boxes for big brothers and big sisters (can't leave them out).

Feeling ambitions? They also make Countdown box kits ($25)! A kit contains everything you need (boxes and stickers), you just supply the gifts inside.

Buy it! Countdown boxes can be purchased online. Besides the brilliant countdown box, they are also pretty handy graphic designers. Check out their BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS while you're there.

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