Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Invento-Cafe Invento Pods

Coffee on demand: Now you can have 1 or 2 cups of your favorite coffee (OR TEA) in just seconds. Especially designed for MYCafe sofe coffee pods. (yum!)

This gorgeous coffee maker will have not only you, but ALL of your guests DROOLING for a fresh cup of coffee. This cool sleek design is perfect for any counter top at only 13.78" (height and width) you can surely find a spot for it on your counter! Choose from metallic finish or pearl white; whatever the choice maybe you won't regret looking over at this machine at anytime of the day. I seriously want to go brew a cup right now. That's right....a cup. NO MORE annoying jugs of water to look at. I just want to see my pretty little Cracker Barrel mug sitting there starring back at me waiting for some steaming frothy (yes FROTH) coffee to be poured in. [Cracker Barrel being my mugs of choice-depending on the mood I'm in of course!] But REGARDLESS the mug the taste is always my choice and with so many selections I can't go wrong. With the adjustable coffee taste selector you select your personal coffee preference; be it light, medium or dark.
Did I mention that the Cafe` Invento has an Auto switch off after 1 hour of inactivity~! OR another bonus feature is electronic temperature control: Boil dry and overheat protection! I love the convenient, removable reservoir that holds up to 10 cups - (40 oz) of water so no more filling up for every morning for just one cup of coffee. One of my favorite things about the Cafe`Invento is that with the lights on the "dash" of the coffeemaker you can always tell if and what the malfunction is if you have one. Not enough water, machine is warming, machine is ready. Well that's really nice but the less than 30 seconds till coffee is DEFINITELY my FAVORITE perk about this beautiful machine! ;-)


Your Purchase Today Includes:

  1. MY INVENTO “Ready-on-Demand” Coffee & Tea Machine
    (MSRP $209.95)
  2. Café Invento Premium XL Coffee pods - Two Free Dispenser Boxes (valued up to $17.50 for up to 64 cups of café-quality coffee; make your choice below)
  3. Complimentary Café Invento Club BOGO Coupon (valued up to $8.40)
  4. No-Charge Expedited Shipping
    (valued up to $25.00)
  5. 30-Day Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee
  6. Extended TWO-YEAR Replacement Warranty
Package Price: $164.95 (limited time offer)

Buy It: Visit and see which coffee maker would look better on your counter! Don't forget your COFFEE!!!


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