Thursday, April 30, 2009

alison*tauber - shirts and scarves

alison tauber scarfSimple and comfortable!! alison*tauber's line shouts simple and comfortable. Just look at her organic cotten t-shirts. They look fabulous!

I was really interested in a scarf by alison*tauber. I was so excited to be able to review one. I love it. It is very simple but cute. Scarves are very trendy right now, but I am not one for a wild or loud looking one.
I knew that this one was totally me and perfect. Plus it goes with anything.

The print is a foliage print used with water-based ink printed on 100% jersey cotton.
Her scarves are very long so you can wrap it around a couple of times of you can let it hang long. Which is how I like it. Another great thing is it washes up very nicely.

I know that one of these scarves or shirts would be a perfect Mother's Day gift. Check out the coupon below. It is going on very long so hurry!

GET YOUR OWN!! Foliage - Jersey Cotton Scarf - $24.00

A SIMPLE COUPON!! Use coupon code 'simple' at checkout to get 15% off until May 4, 2009. Just put it in the note to alison and she will send you a revised invoice.


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  1. Oh I love that shirt! Too cute and so me! And I am all about some scarves also! Thank you for the idea!


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