Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet the Feeling Friends

Teaching kids to share their toys is one thing. Teaching kids to accurately express, articulate and share their feelings is a whole other ball game. A new series of books is hot off the presses that have finally made our jobs are parents a whole lot easier.

Meet The Feeling Friends helps kids understand and learn different feelings and how to communicate them. The main character, KK, introduces your child to all her fantastic friends (who just happen to live on Feeling Friend Island).

Through the pages, we get to meet all the friends - love, joy, worry, anger, sadness, happiness, loneliness, grumpiness, shyness, panic, caution and confidence.

Meet The Feeling Friends has been a bedtime hit here ever since we first cracked it's pages a few weeks ago. Perfect length for bedtime (about 5 minutes read aloud), it's sure to not only entertain but teach through rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

GET YOUR OWN! Meet The Feeling Friends (retail $12.99) and the additional 12 books in the series can be purchased online at Amazon.



  1. I need to get my hands on these. My five year old cries all the time and even though we encourage her to use her words, it's just not getting through. Hopefully this will be the tool that she needs!

  2. Those sound fun! I always like stories that teach in a fun way. And I'm really starting to like rhyming books... I always thought they were too silly, but the kids LOVE them and they really help with pre-reading:)


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