Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We have been debating on how we should post the winners to our giveaways. We thought it would be best to ask our readers. There is a poll to the left on the sidebar. Go ahead and Vote on which way you would like to know about the winners of our giveaways.

::View an example of a posted winner HERE::

We also want to introduce our fantastic new design. SIMPLE IS GREEN! We hope you enjoy it!

*Update: We have received a comment that they can't view the header. If this is the case please comment letting us know. We have viewed the site ourselves in Firefox mac&pc, Safari mac, as well as IE. Any feedback would be appreciated.*

*Don't forget: To add our new button!*


  1. But, um, I think your header is missing! (I'm using Firefox)

  2. Hi Krista, Im on firefox for MAC and PC.. It loads fine here... have you tried updating your Firefox program?

    I can also view it fine on IE and Safari (mac)
    My dads home PC has issues viewing my home blog... it puts all my post at the end of the screen...really weird... but if he views it in FIREFOX it works fine. Sometimes browsers have glitches... his IE does.. so your firefox might? im not sure :-\ Thanks for the heads up tho!

  3. I can't see the header either :) I use Firefox

  4. I can see the header. I use Firefox and IE and can see it fine. I LOVE it btw!

  5. I'm in firefox as well and I don't see a header?!


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