Friday, May 29, 2009

Are you earning your Swagbucks?

Search & Win

Almost a month ago I signed up for SWAGBUCKS. When I 1st heard of about this site I thought it was a total joke... until I started using it.

Swagbucks is basically a system similar to google... except! You earn while you browse.
I downloaded the swagbook search tool to use on my browser (for firefox)... Any time I needed to find something online I typed in a few keywords and hit enter. It then would take me to the sites I needed to find. Swagbucks also allows you to search for images and more just like any search engine.

The difference? You earn bucks for it!
The swagbucks will come up occasionally as you use their site. You collect them any time you search... or shop via swagbucks.

I have just over 40 swagbucks... all from searching. 

GET YOUR OWN: Sign up for free and get your own swagbucks account. Its very user friendly and you can start earning free cash today. 

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  1. so you earn do you use/redeem them

  2. Through their site you can get amazon gift cards or use it towards other gifts. :)


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