Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beautiful Gifts - Made by Survivors

Who doesn't like to receive beautiful handmade items as gifts? I absolutely love it, and that's why I'm a huge supporter of buying handmade whenever possible.

MadeBySurvivors.com is a unique type of handmade. Everything handcrafted and sold on this site is made by men, women and children that have been rescued out of slavery and are rebuilding their lives through artisan opportunities.

Did you know that the US government estimates that around 15,000-17,500 slaves are trafficked in to the US each year? By supporting MadeBySurvivors.com you are helping survivors gain economic independence, which is crucial to rehabilition after they have been recued.

I've gotten absolute joy of wearing this Spring a beautiful handcrafted batik scarf ($25). My favorite part of wearing it is when I get complimented on it (and I get tons) I get to share the story about where it came from and who the artist was.

How does MadeBySurvivors.com help? All proceeds go to the survivors and to the shelters, helping pay for rescues, aftercare and trafficking prevention programs.

GET YOUR OWN! Help support this amazing effort to empower people whose lives have been shattered by slavery. Visit MadeBySurvivors.com and find an array of gifts suck as jewelry, handmade paper products and even adorable toys for your kids.


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