Thursday, May 14, 2009

Handpresso anyone?

Handpresso - The portable espresso machine that you can take virtually anywhere!
Small and convenient, the Handpresso travels with you on vacation, hiking, boating, school, work - anywhere that you would like to enjoy a premium quality espresso.

I absolutely love the handpresso. I had originally had a friend that told me about the product and after doing some research I had no doubt I was going to love it. I often use it instead of making coffee or using my espresso machine, the pods make it easy to clean up and store away faster than it is to clean and put away an entire machine. I have brought it on road trips and a vacation because the convenience factor is amazing and most hotels only have coffee pots in the rooms. I would recommend this product to anyone and I have already told a lot of my friends about it; at first they laugh but quickly realize how great the product truly is.

All you need is boiling water and you can brew yourself a cafe quality specialty coffee drink! The patented high-pressure extraction system uses hand-held pumping to prime the device, ensuring the correct 16 bar pressure needed to produce the perfect cup of espresso.

GET YOUR OWN!! Handpresso - $99.99



  1. This is Great,Did not know about this, until now.


  2. I am from Puerto Rico and got my Handpresso through Coffee World Puerto Rico: I received my Handpresso about a week ago. The first expression is that this Handpresso is just nicely built, as well as the case. Making espresso is very easy, and it takes a minute or so to make a cup. I was impressed with the coffee. Believe me for a portable machine, coffee was great. Now my Handpresso substituted my Krups machine. I use Island Joe's ESE pods,Lavazza Grand Crema AND PORTO RICO ESE PODS FROM PUERTO RICO. A good hint is: to make sure the espresso has an ok temperature, I heat up my cup as well as the water container adding the boiling water and then adding the water to make the coffee. I always fill a bit more water (a few drops more) so the ESE pods gets soaked before extraction. And it really takes about 30-38 pumps, no big deal. With this I get a great espresso and crema too. I recommend buying ESE pods buy bulks of 100 or 150, it gets cheaper. The unit works best with the standard 7g E.S.E pod.


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