Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mamapedia - finding answers fast

Often as a mom, we're faced with issues and questions regarding our children that we need answered - and are not sure where to turn. Sometimes we don't have an appropriate friend or family member that we feel comfortable discussing our kid-related problems with. The internet has been for me a go-to place where with the click of a mouse, I can find a myriad of answers very quickly.

A new site, Mamapedia is kind of a "google" of sorts for all types of Mama advise. It's like getting recommendations from a mom that has "already been there, done that". Think of Mamapedia as your bff who always answers her phone, always responds to your email with the quickest of urgency, and is always ready to chat - even if it's 3 am. Oh, and she's always ready with the right answers.

I've given Mamapedia a whirl for a couple weeks and have found it very helpful answering my pressing questions. I've search everything from "breakfast ideas for preschoolers" to "toddler constipation" to "quick and easy craft ideas". A virtual meeting place for all things mom wisdom, the site quickly and effectively finds the answers you need.

So, if you ever have a pressing questions (may it be big or small), make sure you've bookmarked Mamapedia.


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