Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get Kindled

Amazon is my favorite place to buy books online. I always head there when I need a good read. But if you've been on Amazon lately you'll notice the advertisements for the Kindle. This thing is amazing.

I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms and usually keep a book tucked into my purse for such occasions. While I love that I have my book on hand and can read a chapter or two here and there, I don't love the fact that the pages get bent and mangled. Or if I'm right at the end of a book and get it finished then I don't have anything else to start. (I'm an avid reader, can't you tell?)

This is where the Kindle comes in. The Kindle is a wireless reading device that you download purchased books onto. You simply tuck the Kindle into your purse or diaper bag and go. No more torn pages or last chapters. If you finish one book, you can start another. If you're bored with one book, you can check into a few more. And think of the reading-to-kids possibilitis that thing holds! Oh, the entertainment value in waiting rooms the Kindle holds.

On trips the Kindle is especially nice because you only carry one thin screen with you and it stores over fifteen hundred books. It's ready to read any time that you are. Take it to the beach, the playground, a boring meeting... Oh, wait. ;)

Buy Your Own: Kindle can be purchased through Amazon, where you can find any number of good books to download onto it.


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  1. Amazon has a Kindle app for iPod Touch/iPhone. I have an iPod Touch and I love the Kindle app! I have 6 books on my iPod and the amount of space they take up is negligible!

    I would like to have a Kindle one day but this app is great for now!


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