Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Personal Drinks

I have been a fan of sippy cups since their invention. When my daughter was born fourteen years ago, the no-leak kids cup was not even invented yet. We searched high and low for one before making a cross-country drive with a one-year old. It really would have been nice not to have to worry about whether the cup was sitting upright every second of that trip. You can imagine, then, our sheer excitement when some genius came up with a no-leak design. From there, of course, things really took off.

We're stil in the land of sippy cups, and over the years we've run into the dilemma of being at a playground, or church nursery, or mall play center where our child lays down his cup only to realize that another child there has the exact same one. Oops. Whose is whose?

I've found a brilliant way to take care of that. Handmadebymee on Etsy (as well as other stores there) have a sippy cup that sports a monogrammed letter, your child's name, or anything else that you would like to personalize your wee one's drink with. I would like one that says "Back Off, It's Mine." I find that amusing.

I love that your child can choose colors that they like, and kids always like to have things with their name on. It's truly a cup that your child can love, and moms love the no-leak, no-lose design. It's a win-win.


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