Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back-to-School Shoes with UMI

It's no secret that UMI Shoes are some of our favorite fashionable footwear for little feet. Last Spring, we had a full-on love feast with these shoes, you can read all about what we said here.

Why do we love them so? Because they look unique, like nothing you will find at the Mall. We adore them because they are made with the best materials, proving to be incredibly durable. We drool over them because they are just so cute.

The folks over at UMI have seriously out done themselves again with their new Fall '09 line. My daughter will be going to school in a shiny pair of red Tula's ($72).

If I had a son to send on the yellow school bus, he would undoubtedly be sporting a pair of Majors ($60).

Visit UMI Shoes to check out their new fall selection and find a pair that fits your back-to-school kids personality and style.

A CONTEST! UMI (not Simple) is hosting a "where in the world is UMI" contest during these last days of summer. Grab your camera, don't forget your UMI's, and enter to win!

Winner will get some free UMI's as well as some face time on the UMI website this Fall. Submission deadline is August 30, 2009.



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