Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kimberly Parry Organics

My first pregnancy I was so naive when it came to what my body was about to go through. I honestly had no idea what my body was capable of being morphed into.

My well seasoned mom friends would ask me what I'm using to prevent stretch marks, to which my reply always was: Nothing.

Currently almost 2/3rds through my 3rd pregnancy, I wear my stretchmarks like a metal of honor (ok, that's not entirely true, I do have plenty to be proud of). And while I realize that they are here to stay, I've decided that I can still pamper myself with indulgent bath and beauty products.

My new favorite pamper product is Kimberly Parry Organics Belly Butter. I love the way it smells, I love the way it makes my belly bump feel after a warm bath. I just really enjoy using it every day.

All Kimberly Parry Organics are created on a made to order basis, taking freshness to a whole another level. By using only the most fantastic ingredients; all products are preservative free, dye free, without chemicals or animal products.

I can't wait to use the bum butter and baby oil on my new little one this Fall. I think he (or she) will enjoy them just as much as I do.

GET YOUR OWN! Kimberly Parry Organics can be purchased online. They make a great gift for any woman in your life (including yourself)!



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