Friday, August 14, 2009

One Small Step - Laptop Lunches


For some time now I have had my eye on the Laptop Lunches...

Sounds a lil' nerdy?

Well nerdy or not haha it is fantastic!! I am in love with this little lunch system.

And I can guarantee that all the other kids that see YOUR kid with this neatly organized lunch will be jealous and drooling for some of what they got.

We need to teach our children while they are young.. Teach them healthy balanced eating habits. With the laptop lunch box system you are not only helping reduce waste, but also instilling those healthier choices in them.

I even found a FLICKR GROUP (you all know I love flickr) that showcases ALL SORTS of moms laptop lunch ideas. It really is neat to see all the different food creations they put together.

One Small Step is a wonderful company that not only offers these fantastic laptop lunch kits, but also many other eco-friendly, safe & non-toxic (no lead, BPA, Phthatlates, PVC, etc..) products.

"Founded in 2008 by Renata Bodon, when her daughter entered a school that required waste-free lunches, she found it challenging to find safe and high-quality reusable lunch ware. With One Small Step, Bodon eliminates that struggle for others. One Small Step has everything families need to go green!

GET YOUR OWN: May it be a lunch box kit, water bottle or even a reusable sandwich bag.. One Small Step will have it all. With school about to start check into some of these safe and eco-friendly options for your kids today.

A SIMPLE COUPON: For two weeks only we are able to offer 10% off any purchase on One Small Step. I myself plan to take advantage of this and purchase 1 more laptop lunch for my youngest son. I go to the park often and I know this will motivate me to pack healthier food options for my boys.

COUPON CODE is SIMPLE10 - 10% off (expires 9/30/2009)

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  1. Hey Drea, I am just wondering if the lap top you have came with the cover and do each of the little sections have their own tops? This would be great for my son for school!!!

  2. Hi Jennifer, yup it has a cover that is connected, seals shut well.
    There covers shown in the photo I put up are the covers it comes with. I dont think you'd need covers for all of them since most meals dont have wet food or runny food throughout the entire meal. You know?

    Because the laptop lunch box seals shut well the dry foods that dont have cover dont spill everywhere.

    Hope that helps! :) I really love ours

  3. They now have a version with covers for all of the little sections. Woo-hoo!


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