Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plan Toys

I was given a toy as a trial from the good people at Plan Toys USA. I didn't have a choice of what I was given, so I anxiously awaited the arrival of the mystery toy. When a box arrived that I didn't recognize as anything that I ordered, I know the mystery toy had made it's appearance. And it arrived at a perfect time.

The next day when my daughter was at a physical therapy session, I pulled out that never-before-seen-by-my-children toy and entertained the boys for quite a while. That toy was a wooden school bus. It's awesome. Sturdy, well made, and yet so very simple and basic in design. It opens up to reveal a seat and a driver, and holds the extra seats, the student, the chalkboard and some books. It doubles as a school when opened up as well. Very smart. Very fun. Very well thought out.

And the kids love it, which makes it all the more wonderful.

Plan Toys has an entire line of fun things to choose from. Each one is well thought out and made to last. And the company is green. How cool is that?! They use organic rubberwood, water based paint and soy based ink. Their employees are dedicated to their work and take pride in what they do. Any toy that you get from Plan Toys will be a favorite with both kids and parents alike.

GET YOUR OWN!! You can view and purchase the line of fun toys offered at PlanToysUSA.com



  1. I would love to purchase that for a friend's son, but I can't find it on their website!

  2. we love Plan Toys!! my son gravitates toward them over his other things.
    Jill, click on the link in the post, it should work for you.
    Otherwise, you can always go to Amazon and search for Plan Toys, they sell some too.

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