Monday, August 17, 2009

Real Photo books. Real simple. Smilebooks.

Do you take alot of pictures? Do you find that you never print out all your photos that you want?

Smilebooks is a great way to have all of your photos together and printed out in a wonderful book that will last a lifetime.
Smilebooks has a Photo Book Software that you can simply download and add your photos to many different templates and have made a book. You just upload it and then they will print it for you. They are simply fantastic. I love the quality and thickness of the pages. My favorite feature that you can add is a photo cover to the book.


I got a 12x12 book with a photo cover and it is simply awesome. I am so impressed by the quality of this book. And the software that you use is so easy to navigate and use. Anyone can do it.

GET YOUR OWN!! Smilebooks start at $19.95 - make your photos last with a smilebook

A SIMPLE COUPON!! Please provide "PV20" as the code to be used on checkout to avail the 20% discount.


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