Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4C Travel Drinks

Our family, just like yours, likes to take drinks along when we're gone for the day. We are not fans of soda (okay, the kids are, but we try to limit their drinking of it) and not a one of us likes water once it gets warm. That takes all of 13 seconds in the summer heat.

I recently stumbled across 4C's Totally Light Tea2Go sticks in the grocery aisle. Genius. Love them. They are Splenda sweetened flavor packets that you add to bottled water, shake, and enjoy. They dissolve nicely so it's not gritty, and the flavors are amazing. This makes bottled water so very easy to take along with because drinking flavored water while warm is not really bad at all.

Think of the possibilities that these things hold. Take a box to the office, or the gym, or on day outings to the park or zoo, or at the beach, or soccer games... Wow. The list could go on. With zero calories and zero sugar, it's healthy for the kids, too. In addition to the flavored tea line, we also purchased a box of apple juice sticks. Same concept: pour, shake, drink. Perfect.

GET YOUR OWN!! 4C Totally Lights can be purchased in the grocery store nearest you.



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