Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I love to find unique things for my kids to wear so I'm ever on the lookout for new places to shop. We stumbled across Boden and have been in love with their quirky fun ever since. Boden is a company from Britain, so they've got a heaping dose of fun British humor, a bit of European daring (Britain is considered part of Europe, right? Right?), and a whole lot of color and fun.

Plus it's plain comfortable and you can never go wrong with that.

Boden has clothing for men, women, boys, girls and the baby. Probably the best endorsement is a picture tutorial.

My kids have a number of fun Boden articles in their wardrobes and I am always impressed with the over-the-top quality of the clothes. It's comfortable right from the mailbox, it washes like a dream, and gets softer and more comfortable with each washing. And things last forever. Boden knows kids. The clothing is durable and made to withstand kids being kids. We're not talking "sit in a chair and read a book" kind of jeans, we're talking "go play in the woods and run an obstacle course" kind of jeans. I love it. You will, too.

GET YOUR OWN!! Boden can be found at, where they frequently have internet specials, sales, or free shipping. You'll be amazed at their website.



  1. We are HUGE Boden fans in our house too!

  2. I just got a Boden catalog in the mail and fell in love with what I saw. Nice to know that it is good quality.


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