Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I try to teach my kids that the less we throw away, the happier our Earth will be. Practicing what I preach, we use cloth instead of paper every chance we get.

Helping kids feel like they're doing their part, Fabkins is a fun and easy way for kids to save the environment during meal time.

Fabkins are pint-sized cloth napkins that are not only fun to use, (we adore the funky flower power design) but soft and amazingly durable.

Sold in sets of 4 ($19.95), Fabkins come in an array of colors and themes to suit any little environmentalist style. I love that the size is scaled down, perfect for sticky and saucy preschool fingers.

Fabkins are a perfect idea for not only every day meals at home, but make great additions to packed school lunches, on the go snacks, and unique party favors.

GET YOUR OWN! Fabkins can be purchased online. Choose from 8 different and unique designs.



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