Monday, September 14, 2009

Toy Box Tee

Tee shirt with a name tag built right in was the first thing I thought about these tees when I saw them. And not to mention the reaction we get from other parents when they see these super cute shirts.

Getting to chose your own clothes, images and style of your shirt makes it really fun and easy to get what you want. What a great gift for baby showers and birthdays. Plus your kids will just love it.
Toy Box Tee

Toy Box TeeThis company is a husband and wife company that just started one day when they wanted a unique gift for someone.

I was sent 2 shirts from Toy Box Tee...a brown one with a guitar and a black on with a guitar and obviously with my son's name on it. He is so into guitars right n ow he just loves it.

The company was so generous enough to also send one of the other moms a shirt for her son as well. He got a skateboard shirt. Super cute on little Mylo, as you can see here.

mylo in a toy box tee
Aren't our boys just adorable in these fantastic playful shirts?

GET YOUR OWN!! Toy Box Tee - $14.95



  1. Arrghhh...Ethan looks so stinkin' cute with his little hands in his pockets!! Ha...he's a MUCH better model than Mylo. ;)

  2. awe Kate...I think Mylo's is adorable. His expression is cute. Plus Ethan always has the camera in his face..LOL
    Plus Smarties help with this shoot too. hehe


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