Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Britax Chaperone Stroller

Buying "the right" infant car seat and stroller system can be incredibly stressful and can very overwhelming for expectant parents. 5 years ago I got so confused that I just went to my local baby store and bought the stroller with the best fabric pattern. Brilliant move, I know.

Fast forward those 5 years and I'm now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 3rd child. That very 1st stroller I purchased (with the fancy fabric) is long since trashed. Since I would now like to think I'm older and wiser, this time around I did my research when shopping for an infant system.

I had 2 main criteria on my list while doing my shopping. First and foremost (especially with the car seat) was safety. Secondly, was easy of use.

By doing tons of research on the internet and asking many of my experience friends and family, I determined that Britax was definitely the route to go. Low and behold, Britax just released a new infant travel system, the Chaperone.

Thanks to the generous folks at Britax, I was sent the travel system (car seat and stroller) to review. While I can't speak for the infant seat (yet), I've been using the stroller with my 2 year old every time we hit the road.

I love many things about the stroller, but will highlight just a few of my favorite features for you:

  • The stroller has a one-handed folding design, making folding and storing so incredibility simple. Seriously, I've never seen anything like it.
  • The large under seat storage is accessible even when the seat is fully reclined, which is essential when baby is sleeping.
  • The turning radius and ease of steering is truly amazing. This stroller is really a very smooth ride and fun for mom or dad to "drive".
  • I love that this stroller has a one-foot, one-motion break system. All you have to do is push down on a lever to both lock and unlock the break. Ladies, this is essential if you want to save your shoes, especially your flip-flop (I can speak from experience).
Overall, I love the stroller and can not wait to be able to take my newborn home from the hospital in the Britax Chaperone infant carrier. I know this has been a quick overview post, and there is so much more to the stroller than I could ever cover. For more information, please visit their site and check out particularly the product video and product demo page.

GET IT YOURSELF: The Britax Chaperon stroller retails for $299.99 and can be purchased at many retailers across the country or online at places like Amazon. It comes in 4 fun patterns, I recommend Cowmooflage if you're feeling fun.



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