Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorel - Hot Boots for a Cold Winter

Growing up in West Michigan, many of my childhood memories revolved around playing outside in the snow. Every year, without fail; we got a new pair of Sorel boots to cover our tiny toes. I distinctly remember like a broken record, my mother asking me to "get my Sorels on" before I hit the snow.

Now over 20 years later, I'm still getting my Sorels on (all by myself, no help from mom), but I guarantee I look so much hotter than they used to.

Today, I'm zipping up my Hoonah's ($180) and getting compliments every time I leave the house. Want to know what I love the best about the Hoonah? They are the first tall boot I've ever been able to zip up. I consider myself part of the thick calve club (thanks to years of working out and playing soccer) and I was estatic when they comfortably zipped right up! And in addition to looking hot and feeling great, these boots are insulated and waterproof.

Know what is even better than wearing Sorels on my feet? Having my daughters wear them too! With all my fond memories of these boots, I have complete confidence that my girls will have dry feet as they slip on their year round Rainbou's ($45). We love the Rainbou because it has a removable liner that makes these boots appropriate for every season! And aside from function, they are just so much fun to wear.

Sorel has just re-launched their website, making it even easier to shop with confidence. I know I still have my eye on a pair of the Sorellington; and my husband is drooling over the Men's Bota Bags ($125). Maybe Santa is reading this...

GET IT YOURSELF! Sorel's are hot for the winter! Before the snow and cold hits, shop the Sorel website or visit one of their partners to pick yourself up a pair. Your feet will thank you later.



  1. I'm drooling over ALL the Sorel boots! LOVE them!

  2. I've had a pair of Sorels for over 10 years now and they're still in great shape!

  3. I love the Hoonah. I don't own it but featured it on my blog two weeks ago. I've been thinking about them ever since--putting them on the Christmas list. I also love Sorel's new plaid boots for winter--think maybe it's the Tivoli? So fun.


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