Sunday, November 1, 2009

Creative Play Everyday with Natural Pod

Natural Pod has long been one of our favorite places to shop for simple and beautiful toys for children of all ages.

We've told you about them before (read review here), and we'll probably will tell you about them again in the future. Today, we are please to boast about 3 new Natural Pod toys we find pretty amazing. A doll house, push cart and rocker. Made of heirloom quality, these toys are designed and built to delight for generations to come.

I have two little girls that are all about setting up house and "playing babies". We love, love, love with all our heart the new Natural Pod rocker ($139.95 CAD). Not only do my girls love it because it's the perfect little bed for their babies, this mommy love it because it's so beautiful to look at. With it's stylish design and beautiful finish, I don't mind leaving it out in the open for all to see.

All hand crafted in Vancouver Canada, these pieces are made from beautiful FSC-certified wood and natural beeswax to prevent off gassing and bacteria backup. Feel good about these products, no dyes, perfumes or other additives.

Additionally, what makes this rocker/cradle really amazing is that it's so versatile. The cradle can be taken off it's rocker and place on the push cart (sold separately, $229.99 CAD) to be used in a whole different way! We love that one minute my girls might be putting their babies down for a nap, and the next minute the cradle can be converted to haul leaves across the lawn.

Want to learn more about Natural Pod? Make sure you stay connected with all the new and exciting things they are up to by reading their blog, following them on twitter and becoming a fan of theirs on Facebook!

GET IT YOURSELF (with a coupon): Natural Pod is the perfect place to shop for beautiful eco-friendly toys that will last throughout the decades. Shop Natural Pod the month of November and receive 10% off your total purchase. Enter "simplenpnov09" at checkout to receive a discount!



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