Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The eyes are worth it

One of our most sensitive body parts is our eyes.
So I find it funny that we are always so ready to jump at using natural soaps... natural lotions and oils... natural tooth paste or even natural toe nail polish... yet when it comes to our eyes... we throw on any chemically punched mascara.

I have been using PURE ANADA make up for over a year now. I love this line of make up and hope to use it for many many more years.


I recently placed an order with them for some new shadows and a lighter shade mineral foundation (for winter)... and got a sweet surprise in my package... their new Natural Mascara!

Get your Own: It works great and you can be assured its safe being so close to the eye. Check out it and all the other fantastic products over at Pure Anada. 

SHIPPING IS FREE for orders over $50.00
Use the COUPON CODE: SimpleAnada for 25% off your order.
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