Saturday, November 7, 2009

Iron on with Panasonic

Some chores I don't mind doing, others I detest. Hello - my name is Emily, and I do not like to iron. I've gone as far as not buying myself or my children anything that might produce a wrinkle.

On the other hand, my husband works in a professional corporate environment where he's expected to wear men's dress shirts (which require ironing.) These pieces of clothing, I've often sent to the dry cleaners. Call me lazy, but not having to iron makes me smile.

Whether I like it or not, I must own an iron. There are times that require pulling the ole' ironing board out and quickly press something before running out of the house. Even if you're an infrequent iron-er like myself, it pays to own a good iron.

Panasonic recently sent me their new 360 Quick Steam/Dry Iron for review and critique. I would give this appliance 10 thumbs up if it had an auto-pilot feature that did it all for me. But alas, I had to do some of the work. So this weekend, I bucked up and tackled a gigantic tower of wrinkles (just for you all).

Probably my favorite feature of this iron is that it's pointed on both ends. Sounds trivial I know, but if you're ironing copious amounts of men's work shirt sleeves, you'll love this feature. Other worthy of note features include a built-in retractable cord reel, 3-way auto shutoff and digital temperature control.

It's true, we spend so much money on our clothes, we might as well invest a little in the products we use to care for them!

Panasonic, although I didn't even know you made irons; you've made me a fan of the 360 Quick Iron.


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  1. Oh good...I'll send all my ironing over to YOUR house Emily!! ;)


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