Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pocketeers Clothing

My daughter is a pocket girl all the way. Things in her pockets range from tubes of chap stick, special coins, to "magical" stones found on our walks to the park. Since it seems like tops rarely have pockets for storage, the job has been left up to her pants. But not anymore...

Pocketeers Clothing are high quality 100% cotton jersey tops that come with nice sized pockets (with toys already built in, how cool is that!). Each shirt has a theme that the colors and toys are designed around. They are fun, they are functional, and we've gone wild over them!

Since we're expecting a new addition at our house, my daughter is loving wearing her "Baby Lucy" ($31.99) dress/tunic every chance she gets. This fun little top, which looks great with a pair of leggings; comes with it's very own bottle and baby doll.

Don't worry - Pocketeers Clothing hasn't left out the boys. Although we're a boy-free household, I'm digging the Me & My Band tee ($35.99, which comes equipped with a harmonica, kazoo, and slide whistle).

Brilliantly created by a mother of 3 children who wanted to keep track of her children's toys when they left the house for the day; w
e think Pocketeers is simply original gift choice for any boy or girl.

GET IT YOURSELF! Pocketeers Clothing can be purchased online.



  1. What a fun product...definitely checking this one out!

  2. How stinking cute!! Love it!

    Heidi P.


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