Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reach Out Through Hippo

HippoPost.com is a fun new way to connect with people that you love. With a tag line like "Send a postcard, we'll pay the postage!" you simply can't go wrong.

Once you click over to HippoPost, all you do is upload a photo (seriously! Your very own personalized postcard!), write a personal message, type in the address to mail it to, and you're done!

Disclaimer: You will need to have an account in order to get the free card shipped. The account is FREE and takes about 27 seconds to create. Maybe 29. But it's easy, and fast.

You know what's really fun? You can send up to 10 free postcards per day. I know, right? Think of all the people that you could reconnect with. Think of all the cuteness of your own kids you could share with distant relatives. Think of how fun it would be to just create card after card, and make some one's day by sending them actual in-the-mailbox mail.

Buy Your Own: HippoPost is found at HippoPost.com Go. Create. Share.



  1. I just sent three (including a test to myself to see how it works). I'm really excited about this since not everyone in our family has email.


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