Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trident & Smiles Across America

Did you know, "Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in America, affecting 50 percent of first graders and 80 percent of 17-year-olds"? As a mom of three small kids, there are a lot of teeth to keep healthy and clean.

That was one reason I recently agreed to participate with Trident and Smiles Across America in an online briefing discussing how to keep kids teeth healthy and practical tips to help!!! While most of the tips were obvious ways to care for little teeth, it was fun to hear from celebrity mom, Jennie Garth, share her own stories;) I also appreciated hearing from a professor from Baylor University School of Dentistry, as well as practicing pediatric dentist.

Here is a great document that lists some of the simple ways to keep your kids teeth clean and healthy. I could list all the things that were shared, but here are the few that were shared only during the briefing:
  • Sweet & sticky snacks between meals causes more harm to kids teeth than we think (brush after the snack!)
  • Children should start to see a dentist at the age of 1
  • Sport drinks rank up there with soda, as far as oral hygiene is concerned
  • One of the best protection strategies for kids teeth, besides brushing, flossing and diet, is getting sealants on 6/7 yr molars and 14 yr molars!!!
Besides working to establish healthy oral habits from Jennie's list, my family is also enjoying some of the fun flavors of Trident sugarless gum after quick snacks and when we are away from home.

BUY YOUR OWN! You can purchase Trident gum knowing they are helping to fight the #1 disease among American school children, tooth decay!! And here is a coupon for their newest layered flavor!


* My family received a care package of different Trident gum products for participating in the briefing.

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  1. Yikes! I am so happy that you are putting a spot light on this.


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