Monday, December 28, 2009

Restore Clean Water system

Restore is a complete purification system in an affordable, easy to use pitcher. Restore provides cleaner, great tasting tap water by innovatively combining germ-killing UV Clean technology with a water filtration system. Restore is a breakthrough solution.

The first thing I noticed about this purification system was how different it was from other “pitcher-type” filtration systems I have tried before. It has the similar type of carbon filter that almost all filtration systems have, but it also uses a UV light to take the filtering process one step further. This UV light helps remove bacteria, viruses and more.

I am alittle picky about my water - so I was definately interested in trying this product. The water tasted very crisp and clean compared to just the regular tap water.

It takes a little while to get things set up for this system. You need to clean out the carbon filter, and run about two pitchers worth of water through the new filter to flush out the loose carbons. But after that, you plug in the UV light and in 60 seconds you are done! You unplug the UV light and can start drinking.

Quote from Tiffany Hsu, who generously let me review this product at no cost, "Restore is California certified for microbiological water purification, a first for a water pitcher utilizing UV technology and is Gold Seal Certified to National Sanitation Foundation standards by the Water Quality Association. UV Technology has been used for over 60 years for its germicidal properties in hospitals and laboratories. For the first time, an application of this unique germ-killing technology is available for home use in an affordable, easy to use water pitcher. "

GET YOUR OWN!! Restore Clean Water System - around $100


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  1. Interesting...I have never heard of UV lights to help with water filtration!


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