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Sassy Baby Products....Play with Purpose!

Sassy is more than just a "toy" company...which is what I thought it was when I first heard about them and saw their products. They actually work with Developmental and Child Development Experts to find out what is the best to obtain development in their products. For example, they have a lot of black and white patterns because they are the most contrasting colors and babies can see those first. That in turn gets their mind working right from the get go. Their products are a step above just a "rattle", there is more put into the products to help obtain development. You can read more about their Developmental Features of Sassy Toys.

Ever since having children I have looked for the best and most educational products on the market. Not only are Sassy Baby Products the best in my opinion, but I don't think another company compares on the education side of things. Sassy has always tried to inform parents of the developmental things that are happening at different stages with children, but recently they have ramped up their education level.

Their site is a GREAT resource that every parent should have access to. Hearing, Touch, Taste and Vision topics are all listed on the website. By clicking on those topics, you are brought to an area where you can learn about it specifically. BRILLIANT! Also, you are able to mouse over the age bubbles and learn about baby developmental milestones.

Another thing that I just love about all the Sassy products is the packaging for each product. Each product/toy has approximate ages listed for the particular item. On the packaging there is a TON of information on what the baby/toddler could be doing as well as interaction ideas!! LOVE IT!!! It helps us as parents, feel as if we really do know what we are doing. :) It's that extra information that I love....I constantly love learning about what I can do or what I can help my child do to help them grow. Below is an example of the information included on the packaging on one of the toys I received from Sassy:

Crib & Floor Mirror
At 0+ months baby begins to:
*Focus best on objects 8-12 inches away
*Track objects with eyes
*Develop binocular vision - where both eyes work together

Baby's eye view:
0+ months: Babies' color vision isn't fully developed yet; bright reds and ranges are the easiest to see.

Interaction Ideas:
*Hang the Crib & Floor Mirror on baby's crib to encourage reach. point to her reflection and describe what she is seeing. Babies love to look at human faces!
*When baby gets more upper body strength, place it on the floor for tummy time, to help baby work on hand coordination. Talk to her about the toys and show her how they work, then let her try! This will encourage the gross motor skill of lifting head and chest as well as the fine motor skills of reaching and grasping.

Developmental Insight:
Although babies have limited vision at birth, they show a clear preference for bold patterns, bright colors and faces. This is well-suited to provide just the right amount of stimulation without overwhelming. Mothers seem to instinctively realize their little one's limited range as they tend to hold their babies about 8 inches from their face.

I just love all their products, but I had to highlight just one for you (I could highlight SO many more, but since this is long enough I figured I would do one!) Are you ever looking for something to entertain your baby while you finish making their food? Or do you need something for your baby to do while you and your other children are eating? Sassy has the answer to that too!! The Spin toy is just that! It can attach to a high chair for endless fun! It can also pull it's kind of like two toys in one. My daughter pulls it apart and starts chewing on the base. Pretty funny to watch...but she sure loves it! It also plays a cute little jingle when the little bug is moved a certain way. Too cute!

One last thing I thought I would share, since it is so apparent in the media, is the safety of their toys. "They take great pride in providing safe and dependable products. Their standards meet and exceed those set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM). They test and re-test their products. A 3rd party lab, for safety and compliance to standards, reviews their product designs and that same 3rd party lab, for safety compliance, reviews production of each product. Sassy then performs in-house testing before shipment to their retailers. Yes, Sassy products are safe!" Also, regarding the BPA question that is so big right now with all toys on the market..."Sassy toys do not contain BPA, phthalates or paint. Our new product line (available at all major retailers) has been completely reworked to contain safe approved materials and we have voluntarily removed paint from our product to go the extra mile with regard to safety."

Become a fan of Sassy Baby Products on Facebook by clicking HERE! You will learn great information about your children from videos they post to articles and much more. It is another great information gathering resource. Click HERE to read a post regarding the giveaway they are hosting NOW! The winners are chosen from their fans on Facebook. Don't delay, you may still become a lucky winner! While you are on Facebook, become a fan of SIMPLE as well!

Stay tuned to January/February for another review on their products!

GET YOUR OWN! Click HERE to purchase Sassy Baby Products online. Their products can also be purchased at many big retailers such as Target, Babies/Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Meijer, to name a few. Matter of fact Sassy products are sold in approximately 40 countries through retailers, so you shouldn't have a problem finding some!
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  1. I hope they have changed their materials, but I do know that some of these specific toys were on a "no no" list for bad chemicals a year or so ago. I know because it was during the BPA scare and people were focusing on all baby products and I had these...

  2. Thanks for your question. From what I understand these products are tested and retested to be the best and as safe as they can be. I just added another note into the review...take a chance to look at it. I think you will be happy! :) It's so great to know that there are companies out there taking the time, like Sassy is, to produce great toys for our children!

  3. Here is another comment that I just received from Sassy regarding your question... :)

    "Sassy toys do not contain BPA, phthalates or paint. Our new product line (available at all major retailers) has been completely reworked to contain safe approved materials and we have voluntarily removed paint from our product to go the extra mile with regard to safety."


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