Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Before I got pregnant, I was all about the tiny shoe with pointy heel. I loved my high heeled stilettos, I must admit.

Then I got pregnant, and more than just my belly changed. My back started killing me, I needed support in areas I never knew existed. I went to the best shoe store in town and asked them to hook me up with something that would take the load off. Without hesitation, she told me I needed a pair of Danskos.

And thus began the obsession. What's so amazing about them is that you get a really supported foot, taking the pressure off your knees and back. I love that my feet don't feel cramped in the shoes. A good Dansko fit means that your toes can easily wiggle around your heel moves around freely as well.

On the outside, Danskos are just plain cute. My first pair were the Professional ($120) in black patent leather. I love the way they look with jeans, for once I don't mind people looking at my feet. I loved my first pair so much that I got a second pair, the Marcelle. I also wear my Marcells with jeans, but think they look really classy with thick tights and a cute skirt.

This spring, I'm thinking I might need to get a pair of the Sally's might be appropriate.

GET YOUR OWN! You can find Danskos at many brick and mortar stores across the country. You can also find them online at places like Zappos and Amazon.



  1. My brother-in-law swears by Dansko. He says once you try then you'll only want to wear them. I still haven't tried, but keep thinking I should.


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