Friday, January 8, 2010

"Lets Do Lunch" with Vera Bradley!

We recently took a family trip to Disney World with our 3.5 year. It's been years since I have been there so I really had no idea what to bring into the park with me as I was preparing. I brought along the Large Backpack from Vera Bradley and I am SO glad that I did. It was a lifesaver. And I can't begin to describe to you everything that fit in this bag.

This bag came with us everywhere. I brought it as my carry on as we were traveling through airports and we also brought it into all the parks. This backpack was not only awesome for this trip but I have used it many times since. It holds so much stuff but is not big and bulky. It is made out of a cotton material so it is flexible when it is being worn. One more thing that I absolutely love about Vera Bradley's items is that most of them are hand washable.....LOVE THAT! I never realized the importance of that until I had kids of my own. In the blink of an eye something can go from sparkling clean to dirty!

The Let's Do Lunch is absolutely perfect for every day use. If you are looking for something that you can hold food or bottles or formula but something that is easy enough to throw into a backpack or diaper bag, this is what you are looking for. Plus, it has great little handles that make it easy to carry for your little ones. This would be an awesome "lunchbox" for your school aged children as well!

Vera Bradley is so fashion forward with colors that are popular for each season. As a matter of fact, I just received an email saying their Spring colors are rolling out in January! YAY! You can check out all the colors they have to currently offer by clicking HERE. And if you go to their home page you will get a sneak peak of their new colors too!

I love Vera Bradley's items!! Seriously, they are made so incredibly well and look fantastic. Before reviewing the Large Backpack as well as the Let's Do Lunch, I have always been instantly attracted to their punchy colors and awesome patterns. Perfect for the stylish mom on the go!

Visit Vera Bradley any time of day or night to pick up something for yourself, a friend, a family member, or anyone!! You will love what you receive! Currently, they have 40% off select Signature Colors. Head on over and check them out!
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