Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milkstars - Breastfeeding Never looked so Good!

I have a 9 week old. The past couple months have been a blur of sleepless nights and days filled with caring for baby. But.....I think I've finally turned a corner. I find myself getting up in the morning, actually taking a shower and getting dressed. I've even found myself getting excited to leave the house and run errands or meet a friend for lunch. While I LOVED my maternity clothes, finding cool nursing clothes that are both flattering and functional has been a bit bigger chore.

I have recently made a fashion friend in Milkstars. What makes Milkstars shirts such a breastfeeding fashion must have? Oh, let me count the ways:

You would never know that a Milkstars shirt is even a nursing top. I can shameless admit that I will positively be wearing my Milkstars top long after my breastfeeding days are done.

I have the Rachel ($60), and it's by far the softest cotton shirt in my closet. I seriously want to snuggle up and wear this shirt to bed.

Milkstars comes in 5 different styles (The Jenny, Joan, Julian, Michelle and Rachael) and are so versatile they easily can be worn every day. Dressed it up for a night out, or throw it on with a hoodie for running errands around town.

Because Milkstars shirts are double layered, all you do is pull the top layer up and off to the side to nurse your baby. Since there is a 2nd bottom layer, your stomach stays covered at all times. Additionally, if you are coordinated enough to breastfeed your baby in a sling or carrier, Milkstars shirts are ideal.

Want to know more about Milkstars? Go ahead, follow them on Twitter and join their Fan page of Facebook. And oh, the have a blog. How cool is that?



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