Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Those Awesome Gel Mats

I was at my mother's house over the holidays and as we were standing at the sink doing dishes, I noticed her floor mat. It was thick, and rather rubbery, and cushiony. WOW. My feet didn't get tired standing there - in fact they were quite comfortable. (Not that I'd like to be comfortable enough to just do dishes all day long, mind you, because I'm not a fan of dishes. But if my feet aren't going to protest when I HAVE to do dishes, that's a bonus.)

I came home and did some research on those things. I learned that professional chefs use them in their kitchens. They were even featured on HGTV! Some are referred to as anti-fatigue mats, some the wellness mat. It's a wonderfully healthy way to do chores.

Because of the rubber outer coating, the mats are easy to clean - simply wipe them off! I love that part because we have kids and dogs (both in the plural) and I'm constantly washing my scatter rugs. Constantly. It would be so nice to just wipe off the Kool-Aid spill.

Buy One: I have found the gel mats at and other places online.



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