Monday, March 1, 2010

Best Baby Tub Ever!

As new parents, my husband Jake and I feel like we're doing an pretty okay job. He's happy and healthy, shows it, and we're stopped CONSTANTLY about what a beautiful, healthy boy he is! The first few days at home however, we were these people I hardly recognize today. I for one was a nervous wreck, and aside from being sleep deprived (duh), I was just worried about everything we were doing, weren't doing, should be doing....I'm sure many of you new moms can relate!

Jake wasn't at home the first night Tyler had his first bath. He was back to work already and Tyler had a MASSIVE pooo blowout and then threw up on himself. I was good times and you are sorry you missed it. thing I was slightly less nervous about, was the bath. We were given a nice tub for one of my baby showers, but we were shopping at Babies R Us one day and saw a bathtub that we really liked. Made by 4Moms, The Cleanwater Infant Bathtub is awesome. More than awesome I think. Before we found this tub, I was apprehensive about Tyler's bath..."What's the right temperature?", "How will I know if it's too hot?" Those questions kept running through my mind and even though some of you may say, "you just figure these things out", I couldn't get the stories out of my head about third degree burns and babies. So when we bought this tub, I felt like we were taking good steps to keep Tyler safer.

I also feel like we made a fabulous decision! Tyler LOVES his tub, and so do I! The Built in digital thermometer tells you when the water is too cold, too hot, or just right.

According to the 4Moms website, the bathtub is suitable for babies aged from birth to six months, or until your child begins sitting up. Maximum weight is 25 pounds. The tub fits single and double basin sinks and is light! The thermometer does require 3 double A Batteries. I feel good about this product, and the company who makes it. 4Moms is a company founded by 2 men, with 4 moms are a testing group. This tub won the National Parenting Seal of Approval, the Iparenting Media Award, and the Mom's Best Awards.

(A quote from the 4Moms website,

David versus Goliath. There are tons of companies that are bigger than us and have more money. Way more money. So what can we do? Make better products. Dramatically better products. And rely on people who make choices based on attributes not marketing budgets. All of our products are based on big innovations. But take a look and you'll find we've sweated all the little details too. Better products. It's not a tag line. It's what we do.
GET YOUR OWN!! 4moms - there are other products there too that you will love! They have 2 more products coming out this spring that are fabulous!

Happy Shopping!

Jessica Warren

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  1. That is a really cool tub. And that's a pretty cute lil guy in the tub too...hehehe Love my lil nephew.


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