Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Litter-Robot : Not just for Cats :)


Many of you know that I am currently pregnant with baby #3. Since getting pregnant one of the task I have been unable to do is "change the litter box."

My kids are obviously to young to take on this task... so my husband unfortunately gets stuck with it.

I can't even begin to count the times he would be in the bathroom "SCOOPING" out that litter-box, then looking at me a few minutes later saying "Any time you want to get rid of her is ok with me!" haha...

Who wants to scoop waste daily!

I finally got online one night and searched for a cat box that would do that job for us. I knew there had to be something out there!

That is when I came across the "Litter-Robot!"


We have all heard about those "automatic" litter boxes... and many of them have bad reps... due to poor design and cheap parts. The Litter-Robot is made from tough recycled plastic (gray unit) and built to last. It has an 18 month warranty! You can also test out the Litter-Robot for 90 days... if you are not satisfied you can send it back for a full refund. I also really appreciated the fact that the Litter-Robot is USA MADE. Buying local reduces energy consumed, and pollution emitted by transporting product from overseas.

I think if any cat owner TRIED this box they would be won over. I decided to make TWO short videos about my Litter-Robot.

In Video #1: I wanted to show the unit in use. I have a two little boys (5 and 3) who are obsessed with the cycling process. They LOVE to watch the Litter-Robot spin the waste out. Its pretty cute in my opinion to see their expression over poop haha...

The video will give you an idea of the size of the unit (compared to my kids) as well as how the unit sounds.

*Note: I am not good at VLOGS... so if I say "um" to much I apologize :) I just knew a video would be better at teaching about the box, more so than me just typing.*

In Video #2: I explain why I wanted the robot (as stated above) as well as SHOW what a WEEKS WORTH of cat waste looks like in the Litter-Robot tray.

To recap in case you cannot view those videos...

The Litter-Robot is basically this unit that rotates.... and as it turns around it shifts out the waste into a drawer (that is the base of the unit).

A few questions you may have... that I know I had when looking into this unit ill list below.

litterrobot11) What type of Litter does it use?
- Any type of "clumping" style litter really... There may be a few that don't work with it... if you are concerned about this do not hesitate to check out the FAQ on the Litter-Robot site or even e-mail customer service.

2) Does it save litter?
- YES!!! We actually were FELINE PINE litter users before switching to the Litter-Robot... and must say that using the cheapest clumping litter JUG at SAMS works way better and last way longer.

3) Does the box smell?
- Amazingly no. Of course if you let it go to long without cleaning you may eventually smell something... and when the cat "initially" goes you may smell it.. but once the machine cycles the waste into the drawer it hides the smell. The drawer is snug and keeps in that smell very well.

4) What type of bags do you use in the drawer?
- Ours came with some bags but you can actually use regular small trash bags if you want. And we honestly re-use the bags... we just dump the waste outside in a big trash bin once a week and keep the same bag in it.

5) Is the unit loud?
- Not to me. Then again I have 2 boys under age 5 haha.. Kidding.. It really isn't to loud. If you keep this in your bed room however I do recommend keeping it "off" if you are a light sleeper like myself.

6) Did your cat take to the litter-robot easily?
- To my surprise she did... as I stated above we used FELINE PINE before getting the litter-robot. To those who may not be familiar with Feline Pine... its texture is very "chunky..." like "fish food pellets." So we thought for sure once we switched her to the "clay" litter she would have issues with its texture.

She took right to the box and the litter and has done great since.

The only thing that I did to help motivate her into the box was to put a little bit of her "urine" from the old litter into the new one... to get her scent in it.

She did the rest on her own.

All of these questions and more can be viewed on the Litter-Robot's website. If you have any questions about this item just e-mail the customer service. I must say that has been yet another joy about this product... the customer service at Litter-Robot is just amazing. I had a million questions and sometimes felt like an idiot asking them :) but they never once ignore me and always made me feel valued and respected.


GET YOUR OWN: At a higher price tag ($329-$349) this item is an investment. Litter-Robot does offer some great payment plans. So you can pay little by little. They also have some USED units at a reduced price as well.

I would also recommend that if your unit does not come with the LIP EXTENDER, that you do buy that with your litter-robot. I found it really helped reduced any "extra" litter from making its way out on the cats feet.

I really believe if you are a cat owner... and want to enjoy your pet more... this product will do just that. It has been so nice not having to worry with a daily litter box routine.


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