Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creative Toy Shop

Craft time is fun. Craft time is even more of a blast when the craft is something you can play with long after the paints have been put away. One of our favorite places to find fun crafts is Creative Toy Shop - read what we've said in the past.

Creative Toy Shop has just come out with a few new cardboard toys that we think are pretty great. Imagine putting together a big cardboard barn, getting out colorful craft supplies, and decorating your barn just the way you like it. And then getting to play with it!
A few days ago, my girls had a friend over to play, and the Calafant large farm ($24.99) proved to be the perfect rainy day afternoon activity.

First, they constructed (no glue, tape, or scissors required).

Then, they Painted (but you could use markers, crayons, or tons of glitter).

They waited while it dried.

And later in the afternoon, this once plain white cardboard box became the perfectly decorated little play house for the Little People, Polly Pockets, and Barbie's alike.

Creative Toy Shop has a ton of really fantastically made cardboard toys (ranging is sizes small, medium and large). As a parent, I love them because it's like having two open-ended activities packed into one.

GET YOUR OWN! CreativeToyShop.com has all sorts of different eco-friendly cardboard toys.


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