Monday, March 15, 2010

Keep those crayons contained!

We go out to eat very often. We always did that before kids, so after we had kids it didn't change much. Now, our family nights normally consist of us going out to dinner as a family followed by some fun event. We just love to get out and about. However, when we don't have something for our 3 year old to do - to occupy her time as we wait for food, a nice family event has (in the past) turned into a nightmare. Has this happened to you too?

Bows So Sweet on etsy makes the sweetest little crayon keepers! I think they are the PERFECT item that everyone needs to have either in a diaper bag or in a purse. It is so simple and small that it can just be put into either. Problem solved with the dilemma of not having something to do when we are out to eat! Not only are they great for this dilemma, but they are great for waiting at appointments or road trips too!

GET YOUR OWN! Click HERE to head on over to Bows So Sweet and get your own Crayon Keeper (Approx $3.00-$8.50)! They do customer orders too! Not only do they have adorable crayon keepers but they also have key chains, hair bows and headbands...just to name a few of their items! These are PERFECT items to put into your child's Easter basket this year or even for birthday gifts! Don't delay, you can get a 15% discount on any order placed - just use coupon code SIMPLE at check out!
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*I was provided with the sample mentioned in this review free of charge, as well as the giveaways.*


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