Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simply putting together a Banquet for your Baby!

Make your feeding time easier with Baby Banquet! One reason I love this product is because I can divide out generous portions for on the go. It makes life simple...when sometimes simple just isn't available! Just fill up the cups and you are good to go! This holder has many great uses. Here are a few:

*It can hold 3 jars of baby food at one time. I think that is great because at meal times with my baby we never only feed one item.
*Great for holding three different forms of snacks - cheerios, puffs, dehydrated fruits, etc.
*It has a handy holder that makes it much easier to hold - no more worries about the food slipping out and onto the ground or the baby!
*This is great for on the go traveling - again, just fill it up and go and then pull it out when your baby needs to eat! A great portioned meal at your fingertips while you are away from home.
*Click HERE to read about more uses.

By the way, the insert is microwavable as well - perfect for those days that you prepare food ahead of time if a babysitter is coming over. I just had her take the Baby Banquet out of the fridge and pop it in the microwave. Simple!

This product is BPA Free too! That is so great especially since there is direct contact with the food my kids are eating!

Baby Banquet was featured in Parents magazine (Feb 2010 issue) and Pregnancy & Newborn magazine (Feb 2010 issue). They have also been recently awarded the iParenting Media Award for 2009.

GET YOUR OWN! Head on over to Baby Banquet to purchase your own food holder ($14.99) for that special baby in your life! You will not be disappointed!
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*I was provided with the sample mentioned in this review free of charge, as well as the giveaways.*


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