Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Clippies

One Christmas I was looking for some clips for my girls' hair! Since Lydia as just a little, tiny girl I really needed clips that would "stay" in:) In my hunt I stumbled upon an Etsy shop called Pumpkin Pea.

There are soo many reasons I have enjoyed these clippies for over a year now! First, they are made by a Momma with little girls, so they are all made with the double alligator clips and the no-slip pad inside. This fact alone as great for my girls' hair!!

Second, they are soooo cute!!! I remember how hard it was to choose which clips we wanted to purchase! And I just checked out their spring line.... oh, the little sets are soo cute for any little girl you wish to bless with cute clips;)

Third is how sturdy these clippies are!! They have been tossed to the bottom of the diaper bag and been fine when they are finally recovered (sorry, just real-life at my house)!

GET YOUR OWN!! Pumpkin Pea has a fun assortment of these super little clippies. Most are sold in sets of 3 or more starting at $5.25!! Perfect to have on hand or as a gift this spring:)


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  1. I'm so glad you find that site. I visit it and the hair clips were so perfect for my little girl also. My daugther's hair is so long and she likes to fit it up for school. I liked reading your blog. Please take a look at mine.



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