Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time to hit the gym!

At 4 and a half months, Tyler is rapidly becoming a mobile little man! I'm looking forward to this, the idea of him crawling around after me and I know some of you ladies think thats adorable like I do!

As a gift, Tyler received the Fisher Price All Around Musical Playtime Gym - Precious Planet for one of the baby shower's that were thrown for me.

We didn't start using it for him until he was about a month and a half old, and it has always been a successful toy in our house. Tyler rolls over, army crawls, and just plain loves this toy, whch is more like a gym! He uses the rings to pull himself up, he uses his feet on the arms to maneuver himself, and all the while staring at himself in the cute little sun mirror! Not to mention the ADORABLE toys associated with the Gym. Bear, Monkey, Lion and Penguin! Penguin is Tyler's Favorite!
He stared at it for endless hours in the beginning, and now that he's teething, will gnaw on him! SO CUTE!

I like that it helps his strength, and I often find him in motion (you see his little feet moving in the picture below!?)....I also notice him staring at the colorful patterns on the Mat, and know that he's interested in the colors, shapes and animals...he's intrigued.

I know that Fisher Price is pretty much a well known household name...but sometimes you just forget the simplicity of it all. You forget that it's the most basic, simple things that will allow your child to grow.

This toy makes Tyler happy. He looks at it often, and wants to play on it daily. There is also a musical aspect to this toy; a little bear that is motion activated, so when Tyler moves around, the music plays. Kinda nifty.

GET YOUR OWN: The beauty of the the Musical All Around Playtime Gym is that it's found at A WHOLE BUNCH OF PLACES! New mom's can find just about anywhere (Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Fisher and it's a relatively inexpensive item. The good news is that when Tyler grows out of the hanging toys, we can STILL use the fun mat for playtime somewhere else, and in his room! I know there are a lot of baby gyms out there, but this mom here likes this one! And I stand by it! I mean look at that face....


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