Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Agoo - Cover that Tushie!

I have particular criteria when it comes to baby clothes.  Wanna hear them?  Sure you do....

1.  The have to be comfortable.  I think babies should feel like their wearing their pajamas all day. Babies are the softest things on the planet and their clothes should reflect that.

2.  The should SIMPLY look good.  Notice I said SIMPLY?  No complicated, frilly, busy clothes for my kids.  They need to be as functional as fashionable.

3.  They need to be affordable.  Kids grow out of their clothes at an alarming rate which means we're going to be needing a lot of them.  Which means I need to afford them.

Tushie Covers by Agoo Clothing fit my very picky bill.  My 6 month old baby boy has been wearing the Cowboy Crawlers ($25) for the past month and I think they are an absolute hoot.

Not only do they make me laugh every time he wears them (um...there is a cow on his tushie), but they make changing his pants a breeze.  I also love them because he's is in the beginning stages of crawling and my whole first floor has wood floors. The Tushie Cover really protects his little knees from the hard surface.

Need more convincing?  Want to connect with Agoo?  Find them on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Want to see Agoo in Action?  See them on both YouTube and Flickr.

GET YOUR OWN!  Visit Agoo to purchase your Tushie Cover for your boy or girl.  And oh, they have the cutest matching tops too...



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