Friday, May 21, 2010

Climb the Ladder with!

As a family, we sure do love games. Not only games with our little kids, but games with our friends when we get together. offers a great, family game for all ages!

This game is so simple to put together - and it is made first class! The materials are very sturdy. If you are in the market for a game like this, look no further because you will not be disappointed with this Ladder Golf! And, once you get your set, you can shop back at Ladder Golf for all your accessories as well as a conversion kit to make it a "bag toss" game!

"The new and improved patented Ladder Golf™ game is now made of solid hardwood with brass hardware and durable unbreakable rungs. Our new over sized 1 piece knobs make assembly even faster and easier. You will notice the quality of this yard game as soon as you open the box.

Our sleek new design not only looks better but is also stronger, more durable and now even easier to assemble and disassemble! Our new game even packs down into a smaller area for easier storage in your motor home, camper, boat, car, patio or garage.

Each set of bolas is made of real golf balls, specially designed brass inserts and premium nylon rope. All materials are resistant to wear and should offer a lifetime of game play."

If you are not sure what Ladder Golf is, check out this video to see how much fun it really is!

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GET YOUR OWN! Head on over to and do some shopping! Summer is right around the corner and you will just LOVE having this game for family gatherings, children's birthday parties, family reunions, etc.
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*I was provided with the sample mentioned in this review free of charge.*


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