Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plan Toys introduces Trimino Bugs!

Here at Simple, we've been Plan Toys fans for what feels like ages.  We've reviewed them before, and the reviews always rave about their quality, thoughtfulness to design, and all the open ended fun they give.

We've just got a chance to put to the test yet another new little toy that has just hit the market - Trimino Bugs!

The toy consist of 9 green wooden triangles that have little bugs and shapes on them; and 5 plain wooden tiles.

When we first started playing with it, I was a bit confused at how the game went (because I'm a close-minded adult).  I then gave them to my girls, and they got it right away!  I realized that it's super open ended; and can be played with many different way and at many different age levels.

Essentially it's a toy to help with fun skills like matching, visual perception, color recognition and logic.  I love that it's easy enough that my 3 year old can play along with her 5 year old sister; and they both have fun.  We also love it because it travels nicely in a purse, fun bag, or backpack. It's perfect for roadtrips, waiting at restaurants, or just everyday play at home.

GET YOUR OWN!  Plan Toys are sold at many specialty stores across the company, or visit them online!

*thanks Plan Toys for providing us a Trimino Bug set for review!


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