Monday, May 3, 2010

Another fun Tub find!

If you haven't noticed, we looooove water, and baths, and bathtubs in our house (I'm the tub lover, I'll be honest!) and the fact that Tyler loves the tub is equally awesome for me.

Tyler quickly outgrew his baby tub however, so we began to search for something to take its place. My sister and some friends recommended a product by Munchkin, which is sold just about everywhere, The Inflatable Safety Duck Tub.

Tyler loves this tub. He fits great in it & is able to sit back and relax. It's not huge, which helps with conserving water. It also has a built in temperature gauge. Allowing you to see if the water is to hot, for me this is very reassuring.

To add to the fun the ducks beak quacks when your child or you squeeze it.

The product is listed for 6 to 24 months, and is travel ready. All you need to do is deflate and fold up and you, my friend, are good to go!

Also, the Duck Tub is an award winner. It was chosen as the Best Vacation Children's Product by Dr. Toy. (Website)

GET YOUR OWN! You can purchase your own at Munchkin, Walmart, Target and Baby's R Us (all mom and baby friendly!)
for only $12.00.
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  1. This is the tub I used for TigerBoy. It was fabulous.....he used it until he just couldn't fit in it anymore. I will definitely be getting another one when this new little one is old enough for it!

  2. My son was 5 weeks old when we took him on his first vacation to Maui (3 years ago)! The bathtub in our hotel room was one of those soaker tubs, and would have been far too deep to bath him in. So imagine my joy when I found this ducky tub at Walmart! It was the perfect travel tub! When it was no longer being used as a tub, it became a great first swimming pool in the backyard! Now I'll be using it for my daughter.


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