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FINISH® QUANTUMATIC™ is a revolutionary new dishwasherdetergent dispenser and refill system that delivers theperformance power of QUANTUM™ automatically for12 washes. FINISH® QUANTUMATIC™ helps users experience satisfaction and confidence in knowing thatdishes will be clean the first time, every time – even without pre-rinsing. With all dishwashing detergents changing to phosphate-free formulations, now is the time to change your routine and try this innovative dishwashing system.

I really wasn't sure how this would work in my dishwasher. I was afraid it would clean ALL of the dishes. I am happy to say that this product cleaned ALL of my dishes very well. It was fantastic. It is a great product.

Features and Benefits
Designed to release a pre-measured dose of detergent for 12 washes, FINISH® QUANTUMATIC™ takes the effort out of dishwashing. The advanced detergent releases each agent when needed during the cycle – powerful enzymes to soften burnt on food, bleach to attack tough stains like coffee and tea, and rinse agent to deliver amazing shine. In fact, the detergent formula is so powerful, there's no need to pre-rinse your dishes. This dishwashing system also features an intelligent counter that shows the number of washes left and indicates when it’s time to refill. FINISH®, the #1 recommended brand by more dishwasher brands, offers innovative and effective dishwashing products that deliver perfection every time you wash.

GET YOUR OWN!! The retail price for a dispenser and refill with 12 washes is $9.99; a refill 2 packwith 24 washes is $10.99; a refill 3 pack with 36 washes is $15.49. Product can be found at local grocery stores.

WIN YOUR OWN!! SIMPLE has the opportunity to giveaway a FINISH Quantumatic and Jet-Dry Turbo Dry to one lucky SIMPLE reader! In order to be entered to win, you must visit their site and come back here telling us your favorite item they have and why it is your favorite!

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*I was provided with this product free of charge to help facilitate this review*


  1. i like finish quantum ,cause there is no measuring and they did a good job on my dishes
    nannypanpan at

  2. Been loving Jet Dry for years. I have been wanting to try this but wondering how well it actually works.

  3. I use Jet Dry with every load of dishes I do. I hate spotted glasses and dishes. Jet Dry works like a charm

  4. I'm very interested in seeing Finish Quantum in action.... sounds awesome (especially because my husband always manages to forget to rinse gross pans before sticking them in the dishwasher)

  5. I invited a ton of friends to SIMPLE :)

  6. I love the Finish All In One Powerball Tabs. I never use anything else in my dishwasher! I'd love to try this!

  7. We love the Finish Quantum Pacs because they are easy to use and clean our dishes really well!
    mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

  8. I follow through GFC.
    mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

  9. Invited my two sisters to come to the giveway

  10. I like the quantum all in 1 powerball tabs b/c there is no measuring!

  11. Jet Dry is such an easy additive to help keep our glasses clean!

  12. I use the Finish All in 1 Powerball Tabs and Jet Dry and have always been very happy with the results. I'm going to try the Quantimatic now!

  13. I like jet dry, it makes everything look cleaner (no spots)

  14. I definitely like the Quantumatic the best! It looks so easy! And lasts for 12 washes! Yay! :)

  15. I invited 10 of my mama friends to become fans on FB!


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